Recently, after hearing about the concerns of the Zika Virus and the horrible birth defects it causes, we put together a business plan that has connected science and research, to combat disease carrying mosquito’s with a more natural product. Approved by the EPA, the pesticide is safe for people, animals and non toxic to honey bees. It is very effective in killing adult mosquitoes and their larvae.

Our high quality backpack sprayers, emit a fog type mist that is applied around the perimeter of the home, into shrubs, bushes, tall grass and finally a barrier spray around the edge of the property. The treatment last about 30 days, killing mosquitoes and 60 other insects (including ticks and fleas). USA Today, said “Georgia is the most problematic State in the US for mosquitoes”

If you live in the area or have friends here in GA, please have them call us. We are giving discounts for Facebook friends and especially homes where women are pregnant! Mosquito’s have become serious business, far beyond just little pest that ruin summer picnics.

Over 1 million people die from mosquito-borne diseases every year, and hundreds of millions more experience pain and suffering from illnesses transmitted by mosquitoes. The United States Government has issued travel alerts for Americans, especially pregnant women, traveling to other countries where Zika virus transmission is ongoing. (Please go to: www.cdc.gov for a list of over 20 regions and certain countries). Our company is responsible for killing millions of mosquito’s through out the season! During our weekly staff meetings it’s important that we make sure everyone is able to perform their duties with a clear conscience! So far…..no remorse!

For more information call:
Mosquito Free Georgia at:
Please use bug spray until we get there!
God bless!

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