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After hearing about the Zika Virus and the horrible birth defects, my heart was broken, especially after seeing a news report showing mothers carrying around their little children that had under developed skulls and brains.

The epidemic has spread to 20 regions and countries, with Brazil leading in the mosquito carrying Virus. Zika reached the State of Georgia just 3 months ago and now has shown up in 39 other States. USA TODAY, reported that out of all the States, Georgia had the worse mosquito infestation for the 3rd year in a row!

The CDC has announced Travel Warnings for US citizens, especially women who are pregnant.Zika Virus is now mentioned 24 hours a day on all news stations.

Over a million people die each year of mosquito borne diseases!

Where I really need your help is, if you live in the area or have family and friends in GA please call us for a free estimate. 404-436-8157. We are giving a 50% discount if any one is pregnant in the home and we’re giving unbelievable discounts through May.

We have experienced pest control technicians that use a nontoxic spray every 30 days. (May-October) While it also kills ticks, fleas, nats, spiders and 50 other insects, it is safe for humans, pets, fish, birds, ornamental plants and pollinating honey bees!

The season has started and we need to kill the larvae and adults.
Thank you for blessing our business, in turn we want to bless you!

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