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 Market-focused, Central Life Sciences expands the use of proprietary molecules through innovation, unique formulations, regulatory proficiency and efficient manufacturing capabilities. The result is a dynamic company with a diverse portfolio of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) registered products. Central Life Sciences discovered the insect growth regulators (IGR) methoprene, hydroprene and kinoprene over 40 years ago and specializes in working on a number of active ingredients, plus patents on formulation and delivery technologies. IGRs break the insect life cycle by preventing maturation or reproduction and protect public and animal health in mosquito control and fire ant markets, commodities in stored grains, agriculture and greenhouse environments, and in areas where professionally-applied insect control product are used. Central Life Sciences is part of Central Garden & Pet, a leading innovator, marketer and producer of quality branded products for the pet and lawn and garden supplies markets.

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