Customers Speak

We ARE mosquito free! What an amazing difference. We can now sit outside and not get eaten alive! Even at night, we can sit on our patio with lights on and not even a mosquito or bug around. Our dogs usuall pick up a tic or two by now, and none of those either. What anincredible job the guys at Mosquito Free GA did! We are looking forward to this summer of being outside!

Brian and Andrea Hobbs

We have hedges all around our front porch, where thousands of mosquitos hide during the day. At night when we come home my family has to run through the front door so we don’t get eaten alive. We were concerned about pesticides that might be harmful to our kids, dogs and wildlife.After researching the safe but effective products that Mosquito Free Georgia uses, we had them come out. For the first time in two years my wife and I sat on our front porch with the lights on…No mosquitos, no bugs at all.

We should have called them sooner!
Affordable price
Great customer service!
Scott and Lacey Thomas